THE HOOK, 12 January 2006
'I harmed you': 21 years, 12 steps later, rape apology backfires
Courteney Stuart
The Hook Senior Editor

Step Nine of the famous 12 steps in Alcoholics Anonymous requires the member to "make amends" to those he had harmed through his addiction. Former UVA student William Nottingham Beebe may wish he'd stopped at Step Eight.

After he tracked down and apologized to the woman he allegedly raped at a UVA fraternity house more than 20 years ago, the 41-year-old Nevada man was arrested last week in Las Vegas. His attempt to make amends answered with an arrest warrant, he now faces a possible sentence of life in prison. [more]

1984 or 2004? The University's response to Crime is Unacceptable!

Many pages of this website contain the following comment: When a young woman reports that she's been raped to the Dean of Students, she's told to "take some time off" to get herself together and to "put it behind herself". The predator is told nothing, never counseled, and almost always remains on campus so that he may graduate on time. Dozens of letters sent to this website confirm that each complaint is treated as though the victim is the problem, not the predator.

A case relating to a 1984 UVA Campus rape was reported in the Charlottesville papers and local TV stations on  Friday, 6 Jan 2006. Since that man has now confessed to committing the 1984 crime, this story may prove that women who are courageous enough to report the crime of rape are ignored by the University. Though many years have passed, the way UVA responded to the 1984 rape is no different than the way they responded to my daughter's 2004 rape.  That in itself is a tragedy.

In the Daily Progress article below, titled, " Arrest made in '84 rape", the reporter wrote the following:


Carol Wood, spokeswoman for the University of Virginia, said that because the matter was a criminal investigation, the university could not comment on the particulars of the case.

President John T. Casteen III, however, has been in contact with the victim, Wood said. "President Casteen told her that he was both saddened and sorry to read about what she had experienced and hoped that she might be willing for him to use her case to focus attention on rape victims' rights."

As the founder of, I would ask Ms Wood for examples of how President Casteen has focused attention on rape victim’s rights in the past two years? The comment from Ms Carol Wood is a politically correct spin that sounds concerned, but rings hollow with victims of campus crime. President Casteen is neither proactive nor supportive of this cause. Changes to the Sexual Assault policy were made only because of pressure from this website and student protests - again, reactive rather than proactive. President Casteen has never met with victims to understand their frustration, anger, and fear, and continues to refuse to meet with the founder of this website or her daughter to gain insight into the problems of campus sexual assault.

Alleged Rapist Arrested
Friday, January 06, 2006 - Paul Merrill


A Las Vegas man is in jail Friday facing charges that he raped a woman 21 years ago when they were both students at the University of Virginia. The way that police finally caught up with this man after more than two decades might surprise you.

It was just last fall when police say a Connecticut woman got a letter from a man who would later admit that he was the one who raped her 21 years ago. The alleged crime happened when the two were both students at the University of Virginia but the man was never arrested. His shocking revelation started a chain of events that eventually led to his arrest this week.

Police in Las Vegas confirm that the suspect in this case admitted his guilt to the alleged victim as part of a 12 step Alcoholic’s Anonymous program where he had to right his past wrongs. Investigators say Beebe started communicating with the alleged victim 21 years after the rape reportedly took place. In a court document, a Charlottesville police officer writes that Beebe confessed to the rape in several e-mails to the alleged victim.

Las Vegas police arrested 41-year-old William Beebe on Wednesday. Charlottesville detectives searched Beebe’s home in Nevada and Las Vegas police arrested him after he had walked free for more than twenty-one years after the alleged rape. Sergeant Dan Flaherty of the Las Vegas Police Department said, “It’s very unusual based on a 22 year old case that just came to light and a warrant was recently issued”.

She says she was raped inside the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house on Madison Lane where Beebe was a frat brother. The alleged victim told investigators she did report the rape to the University of Virginia. Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said, "It's my understanding in speaking with the victim that initially this matter was brought to the attention of the University of Virginia. We're currently, as is the university, looking into what, if anything was done with that information."

Beebe is being held without bond in the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada. If he waives extradition at a Monday hearing, Charlottesville police say they will likely fly out to Nevada next week to bring him back here.

We are still trying to contact the University of Virginia to find out more about their actions when these allegations came to light back in 1984.

The Daily Progress

Arrest made in '84 rape
Victim received e-mail of remorse

By Sarah Barry
Daily Progress staff writer
Friday, January 6, 2006

After an investigation that spanned 22 years and thousands of miles, Charlottesville police have charged a Las Vegas man with a rape reported at the University of Virginia in 1984.

Las Vegas police arrested William N. Beebe, a 41 year-old real estate agent, on a rape charge based on a warrant issued in Charlottesville.

City Police Chief Timothy J. Longo said that the rape victim had contacted the department in December with the name and address of a man she believed had raped her at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house when they were both students at UVa.

Longo said that once the victim contacted the department, police acted quickly. "It is remarkably courageous of this victim to come forward and reopen this aspect of her life."

The victim is 39 years old and lives in Greenwich, Conn. "I felt as a citizen that it was important to report this to the police because I didn't get a chance to at the time," she said in a phone interview. Longo said the woman had reported the rape to UVa administration but not to the police. She declined to elaborate on why, but said the issue would be addressed in court.

Carol Wood, spokeswoman for the University of Virginia, said that because the matter was a criminal investigation, the university could not comment on the particulars of the case.

President John T. Casteen III, however, has been in contact with the victim, Wood said. "President Casteen told her that he was both saddened and sorry to read about what she had experienced and hoped that she might be willing for him to use her case to focus attention on rape victims' rights."

The rape occurred early in the school year in October 1984. The victim was an out-of-state freshman. Her attacker was older, and police believe he was a member of Phi Kappa Psi. The victim did not know her attacker at the time.

For two years after the incident, the victim and her attacker had no contact. But sometime in 1986, the victim ordered a pizza from her sorority house, Longo said, and the attacker was the delivery boy.

For almost 20 years, the two had no further contact. Then, in September, the victim received a letter from a man claiming to be her attacker. "He wanted to apologize and clear his conscience," the victim said.

Longo said the letter contained the name and address of the suspect. "I believe it was ? fairly open," he said. "She was certainly alarmed to have received that contact."

A couple of months after receiving the letter, the victim contacted the police. After interviewing the victim, conducting an investigation and making contact with Las Vegas police, Charlottesville police gave their report to the city commonwealth's attorney.

On Wednesday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested Beebe and searched his home. Beebe is being held at the Clark County Detention Center awaiting an extradition hearing scheduled for early Monday.

"I want to thank the Charlottesville police force," the victim said, singling out the detectives involved in the case and the police chief. "They couldn't have comported themselves with more honor, compassion and professionalism." She said she was also grateful to the commonwealth's attorney's office for pursuing the case aggressively.

There is no statute of limitations on felony charges in Virginia. If Beebe is found guilty, he could serve a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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Cindy Cesare, Reporter
Las Vegas Realtor Arrested For Rape Committed Two Decades Ago       Watch the video
A Las Vegas real estate agent is under arrest accused of a rape 22 years ago in Virginia. Metro police arrested William Beebe on a fugitive warrant. The allegations apparently came out of conversations as part of a 12-Step program.

This is an interesting case for a couple of reasons. One is how the confession came about -- through Alcoholics Anonymous. And the other reason is because the alleged crime happened 22 years ago and the statute of limitations had not expired in Virginia.

The rape that William Beebe admits to committing occurred at a University of Virginia fraternity house twenty-two years ago. Charlottesville police says the victim did report the crime to a university dean, but the incident was never brought to the attention of police until Dec. 2005.

Chief Tim Longo, with the Charlottesville police, said, "In the months prior to reporting this incident, the victim reports being contacted by her assailant. She hasn't seen or been in contact with this person since two years after her attack. That would've been 1986. During the course of the most recent contacts by her assailant, the victim was able to discern his whereabouts."

Beebe's whereabouts turned out to be in east Las Vegas. Metro police say Beebe got in touch with his victim as part of a 12-Step program where he was apologizing to the people he had hurt.

Sgt. Dan Flaherty with Metro's fugitive detail said, "I believe that this was probably something burning him up for the last twenty-two years and decided, yea, I'm gonna come clean. That's my personal beliefs on it."

What Beebe may not have known was that there was no statute of limitations for this type of crime in Virginia. Sgt. Flaherty said, "Based on this crime happening two decades ago, based on that he has come forward voluntarily and he didn't flee, or allude, or evade law enforcement. I would say this might be a case where they look at leniency."

Metro police say Beebe went willingly with police and even asked them to put out food for a cat that he cares for in his neighborhood. He will be in court on Monday to face extradition to face these charges in Virginia.

Metro's fugitive detail reports handling more than 1,500 arrests on out-of-state warrants in 2005. But, they said this was one of their more unusual cases.



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